With a 26 page to do list and growing how do I keep up on it all!?!??

Simple, I don’t sway from my system of going through it from the newest item to the oldest item. If I didn’t do this I would be an unapproachable monster haha

You don’t have a written to do list?!

Wow, well stop what you are doing right now and download Evernote ( (for those comfortable with digital – here is my invite link – ) or get yourself a notebook (for you pen and paper people) and fill up the first page, this should be real easy. Want to become a mix of both, paper/pen/digital, and you have a tablet? Penultimate ( – the most awesome digital notebook replacement app. Syncs with Evernote so you never loose your notes and you can search through your handwritten notes.

Ok, so now you have it all down on paper or on your tablet (or phone). Awesome!

Now breathe cause by looking at this list you are thinking to yourself, how the hell am I going to get through this all….

At first so you get used to this workflow put symbols next to each topic which shows if you can do that task anywhere or you must be at a computer to make that happen. This will make scanning through your to do list less stressful since you know if you are mobile you can skip all of the computer tasks.

Write everything down, do not rely on your brain, it is unreliable, paper or memory is cheap, but missing out on an opportunity, this could determine your future in your business.

If it is timely make sure you input this into your calendar. Google calendar works wonders and on my iPhone and iPad I use the free app Calenmob ( The sync feature in Calenmob works a hell lot better then just Google / ICal sync.

I write down everything…every task, project, and email I encounter and I take action on them and keep notes on each topic so I am always current with my progress or lack there of. With emails since this is the one that requires the most follow up I write a date next to the item and follow up every 48 – 72 hours with them. Annoying, maybe, but like you I am pushing a product that provides a ton of value so I will not stop until I hear a solid no with a valid reason. A valid reason is an educated decline, meaning I feel they have all the information needed about my offer and then they decline.

So I do this from page 26 back to page 1 and by the time I reach page 1 and it is time to go back to 26, or by then page 28 or something like that, it is 2 to 3 days and I can follow up with all these people thus staying on top of everything that comes through my inbox and through other means. Doing this places you in a mind set that it is something you must do so you detach yourself from being that pushy salesperson in your own mind:)

Would love to hear from all of you if you found this useful. Also if you have a free app for productivity would be awesome to hear about it.

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