Sid Wilson a.k.a. DJ StarScream a.k.a. “#0” was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. He performs in the American band Slipknot, and also tours as a solo DJ bringing you the hard sounds of Drum and Bass and Bass Music, and the turntablism skills…get ready!!

DJ Starscream (Sid Wilson III) has been DJ1ing since 1992 and playing other instruments on top of that, he has been developing several styles of new music over the years from the metal mayhem of Slipknot, turntablist jungle mash ups, to classical. This guy tries to dip his hands into every genre he can flip. His involvement in various music genres has a deeper motive than just self-satisfaction.

DJ Starscream listens to and experiments with all varieties of music ranging from classical, hip-hop, mash up, jungle, breakbeat, IDM and metal. He is an avid piano player and scratch composer. In the studio, DJ Starscream is a perfectionist in every sense. Onstage, his performances are mosh-endusing, not only musically but also in his own intense energy and aggressiveness. He lives an extreme lifestyle and pushes it all the edge and back, while having a solid sense of composure, whether on stage or on his motorcycle or snowboard.

Well known for his production and DJ skills as #0 of metal band Slipknot, Starscream blesses the Cyber Groove / 313 EG rosters with his aggressive DJ style and depth of knowledge of hip hop and jungle.