SIGNS have torn an exquisite path through the DnB scene with a sequence of huge releases from the trio on some of the most serious labels in D&B in the span of their existence. Already hugely respected in the French DnB circuit, they subsequently exploded into International awareness with their very first releases on ‘Red Light Records’,  & ‘C4C records’, and keep the flow coming and their profile growing with their debut release on RAM Recordings on Audio’s RAMlife compilation and their astonishing entrance to the Eatbrain label in the form of their ‘Naked Lunch’ EP.

2016 was been a busy year for the trio, with them becoming an essential part of Noisia’s mighty Division Recordings roster with their unique take on half-step/future beat sounds in the form of “DIESEL“ and “CLAP YAH“, and with a more substantial EP in development for the label. The year also saw the release of the long-awaited “UNCHAINED“ on SHOGUN Audio (premiered on Beats 1 by ZANE LOWE), their edit of the Pythius anthem “DRIVEYARD“ for Blackout Music, and a collaboration with Neosignal boss Phace, which brought them onto the NEODIGITAL roster with a 12“  featuring the floor scorcher “ PAMPLEMOUSSE“. The year finished with their debut on CRITICAL’s sublabel BINARY with “Ethereal“ alongside SKS.  Throughout the year the trio has been touring around the globe and djing at some of the most significant worldwide DNB festivals such as “LET IT ROLL“ (CZ) or “OUTLOOK“ (HR), INVADERZ (BE), as well as headlining on many EATBRAIN  & UKF nights all around Europe.

With the arrival of 2017 turned up, you can tell that the boys have been really busy in the studio and are already set up for the year with major releases emanating from their own twisted touch and vision of electronic music for the dance floor, coming with heavy material in the form of a SOLO Half time/future beat EP ( 8Tracks ) forthcoming in early 2017 on DIVISION, the exclusive label for their future beat sound, and also forthcoming release on PLAYAZ  following their collaboration with ANNIX. Further collaborations are set for arrival alongside the likes of AGRESSOR BUNX  and AUDIO, with their huge track “Motion capture“ coming soon on Let.It.Roll 2017 compilation already in the pipeline. 2017 will also see the 3 Frenchies flipping da script as they decide to start working on the SIGNS “LIVE“ Project, showcasing the three of them on stage and on the road …