Niveau Zero


Having taken his first steps in music as the bass player for various hardcore outfits, Frederic Garcia aka Niveau Zero has now become one of the frontrunners of France’s heavy electronic scene. With tastes and influences ranging from dubstep, hip-hop to metal, he’s a relentless actor of this country’s underground scene. Following his winning of the “best electronic newcomer” award at the Printemps De Bourges Festival in 2008, Niveau Zero had his first releases on the Paris-based label Destpub (also the first label to discover the now widely acclaimed 16 Bit)., He has ever since had records put out by such imprints as Rottun, DOOM Music, Ad Noiseam, H.E.N.C.H, Buygore, Chateau Bruyant, Never Say Die, Boka rec, and Peace Off.

Since the release of his first album, Niveau Zero has acquired the status of most sought-after French dubstep producer, playing incessantly in his home country as well as from Russia to the US, from Lebanon to Mexico.

In 2010, Niveau Zero, The Unik & Tambour Battant founded their own label Chateau Bruyant Recordings which became, in just two years, one of the most followed French bassmusic label worldwide.

2015 started with two new collaborations with EXCISION’ s label Rottun records / Underground Flavor EP (featuring Virus syndicate and remixed by Xkore, Lumberjvck and TBBT) and FIGURE ‘s label Doom music / Heavy Mental EP.

Although he’s a skilled Bass DJ, Niveau Zero plays live, delivering a massive dose of adrenaline to the heads.