Missill: a Success Story

Missill is a character rich in sound and in colour. Her trademark, an eclectic musical style and a contagious energy on stage are an explosive mix which make her live sets unique. Much more than a hit making machine, Missill is a genuine performer. With style and dexterity, she echoes the enthusiasm of the crowds that come to see her.

A pioneer of the electro-urban scene throughout the best part of the noughties she has spread the word in the biggest clubs across the globe, flirting with genres such as Electro, Hip hop, Techno, House, Booty, Fidget, Dubstep and bass music. She takes the best of what is going on in the world of DJs and electronic music and develops it into a style which is very much her own.

Independent, with a universal appeal but most importantly super talented, Missill regards her performance on stage as a badge of honour. From her first release, the compilation ‘Mash Up’ in 2005 to the release of her album ‘Targets’ in 2008, her reputation has continued to grow. Touring international clubs and festivals, taking in more than 700 dates in 6 years across 30 different countries as well as appearing on the cover of the best known magazines (including the UK’s clubbing bible DJ Mag who have supported her from the beginning), her rise to fame has been meteoric.