In July 2012 the debut EP ‘The Alpha’ hit the shelves and warranted praise from the likes of Sub FocusDirtyphonicsFeed Me,OVERWERK and many others. Released by pioneering indie label Lifted Music, it yielded features on UKF (Phoenix Down), Wobblecraft and the Ministry of Sound: Sounds of Dubstep Volume 5 release. It was enjoyed for it’s unique style of orchestral theatrics and menacing basslines. Meta followed up with a release in Feb. 2013 entitled ‘Lost Beta’ which acted as a sequel to ‘The Alpha’. It featured the same consistency of orchestral drama and filthy bass progressions. Like ‘The Alpha’ before it the release was revered and topped charts on Beatport and iTunesUKF once again featured a title track from the release (Vega).

META (Andrew Aker) is a professional guitarist, vocalist and composer who has produced various arrangements for NascarMicrosoftSubtractiveVerizonMercedesQDepartmentUrban Influence and Depthcore among many others. He was the vocalist and lead guitarist alongside Jon Gooch (Feed MeSpor) for their side project band entitled Seventh Stitch.