MC Tali


Tali is accredited with being the most successful female MC in Drum N Bass of all time. With three DnB Awards, a solo album, numerous singles and guest vocals under her belt, Tali has MC’d all around the world with many of the scenes heavyweights.

Discovered by Roni Size back in 2001, Tali moved from New Zealand to the UK to sign to the legendary ‘Full Cycle Records’ and went onto write and record the first female MC album ever released in DnB – ‘Lyric on My Lip’ Full Cycle 2004 (and one of the first ever MC albums fullstop!) with production from Roni Size, Krust, Clipz, and DJ Die, with featured vocals from Dynamite MC. From this Tali was given the name ‘The First Lady of Full Cycle’ which after winning her first DnB award got shortened to ‘The First Lady of the Mic’ although Tali gives credit to those other first ladies in the scene before her that have helped influence and inspire her path, such as Kemistry and Storm, Onalee and Chickaboo.

Tali‘s vocals have been used in Activision’s hugely popular game – ‘DJ HERO’, and her tunes bumped in American Reality TV Show – ‘Tough love’ and her tune ‘The Secret’ (produced by Dirtyphonics) features on the Xtreme Sports channel promoting skateboarding legend Rob Dyrdek.

Reknown for her unique ability to sing and freestyle, Tali‘s reputation has grown due to her versatility, soaring voice and the positive connection she makes with the crowd. While Tali is able to hold her own next to any MC in the scene and rock the mic over any kind of Drum N Bass, Tali mostly prefers her deep liquid rollers, citing Calibre, S.P.Y. Marcus Intalex and Commix as some of her more personal favourite DJ’s to MC and rave to!