Welcome to the world of Logam. The DJ and producer is currently setting the music world on fire, with his resolutely new take on drum & bass. Casting his net wide, he seeks to express both his music and his personality on a higher level, bringing in collaborators on a series of high-profile releases.

A long time soldier of the underground in Atlanta, Georgia, Logam’s quest for the beats has taken him from metal to dubstep and drum & bass. With a catalog of releases on some of the biggest labels in the scene, his star is very much
on the rise. His music has come out on RAM, Program, Playaz, New Playaz, Hospital, Eatbrain, his own Santoku imprint, Subhuman, Project 51, DSCI4 and much more.

Logam creates a sound which pushes the boundaries of drum & bass as we know it. Taking both his influences and new ideas, he crafts beats and basslines with subtlety and nuance.

With the release of House of Cards on Program, industry giants Calyx & Teebee make it a staple in their sets. All of this lead to Logam signing exclusively to RAM Records.

Logam runs his own label, Santoku, which has seen music issued by the likes of Jade, Mayhem, Trei, Hooves, and Logam himself. The Japanese word Santoku loosely translates to “three virtues” or “three uses”, and for Logam, that equates to drum & bass, dubstep, and other – an opportunity for the artists involved to express themselves in more abstract and creative ways.