Few artists can boast the same creative scope as Lee Griffin and Hunter Watson, professionally known as ‘Legion’. From the humble debut in 2009 on their homespun USA based label ‘Sine Language’ imprint, to now releasing globally renowned anthems on most every competitive label in the industry; it is apparent the duo’s technicality often goes unrivaled. Owning a back catalogue ranging from precisely crafted techno rollers to the more recently acclaimed festival grade vocal anthems exemplifies their lasting impression on the industry. It’s unsurprising that in 2015, Andy C’s industry leading ‘RAM Records’ and his meticulous A&R team stepped in and signed the duo with an ambitious contract, citing exclusivity to the industry standard label, with the rather ambitious clause of three full length albums. With this momentum behind them, the duo has now embarked upon the trip to the summit of an exceptionally prosperous recording artist career.

The group was forged in 2009 from early tech-step and jungle roots dating back to the No-U-turn, Renegade Hardware, Virus, DSCI4 days at the heart of the UK scene. With over 25 years of combined experience behind the decks, they have existed as touring Dj’s and producers since before the turn of the millennia. After managing to get a few demos ready in spring of 2009 with the collaborative help of NC-17, Koldfront and the original founding members ‘Advance’ and Jason Andrews, the team landed a track in Virus Recordings bosses Ed Rush & Optical’s hands. This lead to their naturalization to the musical world under this new moniker and was officially stamped by Ed Rush & Optical live at their Travel The Galaxy LP TV Launch. Not wanting to conform to the current sound of any resident labels, long time friend Nathan Vinaill aka Skynet and Drum and Bass Arena’s own, The Risky, helped them slate their Debut EP to their brand new label, Sine Language Imprint. The Signal of Design EP ft. NC-17 and Koldfront was well received by the myriad of Drum and Bass elite.