One of the most unique exciting bass music outfits to emerge in recent times, Koven is the production alias of producer Max Rowat and Katie Boyle.

First conceived in December 2011, the Koven project was sparked into life with the ‘Wake You Up EP’. Instantly making an impact across the scene, Koven’s very first release saw support from some of the most influential tastemakers of the time, including UKF and Inspector Dubplate. This free download also began a trend for Koven across the airwaves, receiving substantial backing and airtime from the likes of Radio 1 to XFM.

It wasn’t long before Koven had a queue of equally talented producers and world renowned organisations at their door, eager to work with a new and exciting production force. Such parties included; Modestep, NuDesign, Borgore, Hadouken, Ministry Of Sound, Nissan, Juventa, Enter Shikari, Kokiri, Playstation, Jagermiester & Many more.

Koven’s first records were helped along by world famous Radio stations/DJ’s including Radio 1’s Zane Lowe. Gaining recognition at a rate of knots with their organic yet precise production, Koven went from strength to strength and performed their first ever Live Lounge for Crissy Criss on Radio 1xtra with their second release.

Years of a busy touring schedule lead to the release of their Debut EP ‘Hereinafter, which continued to receive support from all the major radio stations and the release ‘Sometimes We Are’ furthermore solidified the Koven sound with the act winning the ‘Best EP Release’ award at the 2015 Bass Music Awards.

The duo were then appointed to compose the music for a £2.7 million TV advertising campaign by Mast-Jaegermeister as part of its ‘Craft the Moment’ marketing initiative and Koven are currently in the studio working on their next release and preparing for another busy year ahead.