DJ Fabio + GrooveRider


Fabio and Grooverider, the Godfathers of Drum & Bass and legends of modern music who are idolized worldwide. Industry heavyweights, fans and artists regardless of genre will readily respect and praise the ongoing influence of the two. Since aligning professionally 25 years ago, Fabio & Grooverider have been at the forefront of a genre which just seems to get stronger and more ‘global’ year after year, with household names such as Chase & Status, Sigma and DJ Fresh smashing the top 40 to pieces. These are just a few names that received their initial exposure from the pair on their 14 Year Award-winning show on BBC Radio 1.

Fabio & Grooverider were voted in the top 25 Greatest DJs of all time in a recent MixMag poll, and December 2015 saw the pair win the prestigious Outstanding Contribution to music award at DJMag’s Best of British awards. From their first venture into pirate radio on Phase 1 a simple template was established: fuel the energy of the streets, the illegal, massively-attended raves of the late 80s legendary raves such as Fantasia, Biology, and Sunrise instantly back to the airwaves. Both have been involved in compilations through Drum and Bass Arena and Fabric, and in 2010, Ministry of Sound released ‘Masterpiece’ by the pair: a triple album. Over the years, Fabio & Grooverider’s influence on new and upcoming artists is simply incalculable: key figures such as Goldie, Bailey, Matrix, John B, Calibre & many more will attest to the influence of the pair as they first entered D&B and established their own career in music, ongoing.

We live in a time where on-fire, club-ready D&B from the likes of Sigma, Rudimental and DJ Fresh is heard in our local corner store in as quick succession as we hear of new D&B hotspots erupting over in the Far East. How surreal? And it all comes back to Fabio & Grooverider. Why? Fabio & Grooverider don’t simply DJ. And they don’t simply present radio. They are both respective auteurs and the collective embodiment of a pleasing paradox: they love the past and are impatient for the future, and this shines through. Judging by the visible evidence of the pair L.I.V.E. in 2017, it ain’t gonna stop anytime soon.