Digga Bruck Shot


One of the top MC’s in the United States Drum n’ Bass/ Bass Music scene, Digga Bruck Shot is a 18 year mic veteran. After being introduced to DnB during his time in the UK, attending many of the biggest events London had to offer in the late 90’s early 2000’s (often referred to as DnB’s “golden era”). Major players such as Skibadee, Det, Shabba D & IC3 to name just a few, were the inspiration behind Digga Bruck Shot trying his hand at the art of Drum n’ Bass MC’ing. Securing small gigs in and around London for a few years, Diggz moved back stateside in early 2003, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge about the genre and a hunger to continue where he had left off in the UK.

Spending 2003-2008 in Virginia Beach, Virginia and mainly performing at Drum n’ Bass events throughout Baltimore, Richmond & D.C. 2008 would be the year Digga Bruck Shot linked up with DJ SS performing at The World of Drum n’ Bass in Miami, as well as many of the other large scale DnB events at WMC that year. Since 2008 Diggz has gone on to perform at the biggest WMC showcases for 6 straight years.

In 2008 Diggz made the move North to NYC…Enter 2009, Bruck Shot ventured into 140bpm with Dave Gee of Methods NYC. The pair played numerous cities throughout the US, becoming the first nationally booked DJ/MC dubstep combo in the states and began a mix series called Heavy Weight Division. It was during this time, Dave Gee founded Darkroom, making Diggz the resident MC/ Host, over the next 3 years Darkroom would become a Brooklyn staple, handing many artists their NYC debut, artists such as 16bit, Datsik, Borgore & Bare.

November 2011 brought us the “Murda Style EP”, produced by Dave Gee & Trigon featuring Jahdan Blakkamoore, Armanni Reign & Diggadee MC (Digga Bruck Shot) released on Profound Audio, which consisted of remixes from MRK1, Von D & Codes and received air play on BBC radio amongst others. A few months later Dave Gee & Diggz released the 2nd Heavy Weight Division mixtape which was well received. On the back of the Murder Style & Heavyweight releases, Dave Gee, Digga Bruck Shot & Trigon went on to feature at WMC Miami at Smog vs. Basshead & Future Sound of Breaks as the Darkroom collective.

People often say the do it for the love, in the case of Digga Bruck Shot, its the love that makes him do it.