Consouls, is and always will be a sound representation of the new generation. Focussing on any and all sounds that inspire energetic movement, Troy and Shane from the Los Angeles area have taken the scene by storm. With releases on Soulvent Records, Patrol The Skies, Schedule One and In Charge Recordings(with many more on the horizon), the sky is the limit for these two young artists. If you’ve been to an Insomniac festival within the last year, chances are high that you’ve seen their name placed beneath the bass stage. The dynamic duo themselves have been featured on festivals and club nights such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Beyond Wonderland, Nocturnal Wonderland, Funktion, Respect, Xcellerated, Timeless and more recently, Hospitality In The Park in London.

The team got their first taste of blood when they won The EDC Discovery Project in Las Vegas. By submitting a triumphant production along with a ground-trembling mix, they earned themselves a slot to perform at the largest Electronic Dance Music festival in The United States. As some may consider this a climactic moment, it soon proved to be anything but, as the boys were just getting started. Soon after, their freshman release “Preamble” on Patrol The Skies charted #6 in the drum and bass releases chart on Beatport in its first week, spearheaded by their hit song “Dreamer” Featuring Daniel Hunter Jones. These two passionate individuals stay tirelessly involved in their beloved drum and bass community, pioneering the very first United States drum and bass producer collective aptly named- The Database.

As drum & bass continues to surge in popularity in the United States, slowly approaching the level of reverence it receives in the UK, you can expect to find Consouls leading the charge. Their energy and sincerity will appeal to fans of all genres as they bridge the gap in a new generation of fans.