Chinese Man


Chinese Man is a French independent hip hop collective based in Marseilles (France). The band Chinese Man (founder and figurehead of the Chinese Man Records label) produces hip hop inspired beats fused with funk, dub, reggae, jazz, and world music. Formed in 2004, the band developed a reputation for their tracks “I’ve Got That Tune” (2006), “Miss Chang” (2011), “Get Up” (2012)… They regularly invite US rappers and MCs to join them on their productions or on stage during their French and Europeans festival gigs.

In 2011, after a series of EP the band released their first album “Racing With The Sun”. They will be back with a second opus in 2017.

The band hits stages around the world for many years now. Live shows is the occasion for CHINESE MAN to reshuffle its own classics and to reinvent itself. Sometimes alongside a horn section, percussionists and a slew of guest performers. On stage, the group unveils a new musical identity from their hip hop basis to Drum&Bass via reggae and dubstep !