BTK’s music has found homes far and wide, with international releases on a wide range of the industry’s leading labels. His music has appeared on Renegade Hardware, Shogun Audio, Playaz, Dispatch and V Records, to name only a few. This range of imprints easily shows the range and dynamism of his work, and an innate ability to appeal to a variety of audiences. Never treading the same ground twice, his prolific production skills have meant that he has been constantly in demand the world over. But his shining achievements have been with two other labels, for which he is arguably best known.

His own label, Dutty Audio, has shot BTK straight into the drum & bass stratosphere. Universally respected for its selection policies, the label has seen releases from both BTK himself and a carefully curated range of artists, all of which appeal to BTK’s sense of what is right, and what will work for the label. In addition, his work on the iconic Virus Recordings has ranged from his debut LP (in collaboration with Optiv) in 2012, to the Blackjack LP, which set new ground in the ever-expanding d&b universe, of which Optiv and BTK sit at the very pinnacle. It’s not just behind the boards that BTK excels; it is also behind the decks.