Architekt (Michael Pipitone) is a master engineer and executor of heavy sounds, deep vibrations, and mind numbing melodies. An avid drummer and native son of Philadelphia, Michael has an upbringing in heavy rock and metal that translated into an intimate knowledge of the heavier side of music. With a vision of songwriting and music production, Michael set out to conquer the world through dark vivid soundscapes and vicious bass breaks with the intent to build a library of work not for the faint of heart. Each new track by Architekt unleashes a wave of destructively delicious bass into sound systems around the globe leaving only destroyed dance floors and uncontrollable head-banging in it’s wake.

The true genius of Architekt resides within the blueprints yet written. His ability to stop on a dime, interpret musical trends, and develop immersive soundscapes worth diving deeper into make him a producer’s producer. With hugely successful sets at Camp Bisco, Safe and Sound, and Moonrise Festival, and having shared Philly stages with the likes of Destroid, Flux Pavilion, Architekt has shown time and time again that his sound and style can hang with some of the largest artists in bass music today. Architekt has made a name for himself with chart topping releases as well. On the Beatport charts he has achieved a #1 on ‘Must Head Dubstep’ for December 2016 with ‘The Monolith VIP’, a #3 position on the ‘Top 100 Dubstep Tracks’ with ‘Deadly Styles (feat. Messinian)’, and his most recent EP, the ‘Deadly Styles Remix EP,’ climbed to the #7 spot on the ‘Top Ten Releases’ chart.

With releases for KJ Sawka’s Impossible Records, Buygore Records, and OWSLA’s The NEST, Philly’s best kept underground reinforcement is coming out of the shadows to challenge all who get in his way. With skills in music production, song writing, design, video production, and djing, Architekt is set to pave his way to new musical heights. Whether the world is ready to recognize it or not, when the dust settles on this heavy bass monstrosity, Architekt will be standing firmly on a foundation of his OWN creation, one created with the power he wields to build and destroy.