American Grime joins the CGA artist family

American Grime joins the CGA artist family

Cyber Groove proudly announces the addition of American Grime to its roster

American Grime is a collective that represents the state of grime in the United States. This label/crew hybrid has grown with grime’s global wave, planting anchors in Boston, Miami and California.

Comprised of emcees, producers, and djs, American Grime brings a high energy, bass driven sound that’s heavily influenced by the UK bass scene.
The group’s artists have been featured on Rudekid’s KissFM radio show, have hosted festivals such as Moonshine Music and Arts Festival, and have showcased annually at SXSW and WMC.

Releases include originals & remixes by MC Jumanji, Argyle Bixby, Don Cotti, Benzmixer, Crowell, Cubs, SomeJerk, Motus & Wraz and more.
The future is deep for these bass dons with momentum on their side and a plethora of talented artists to fill the rosters.

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