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Serving up proper bass to the globe since 2000.

About Us

US based Talent Agency

CGAgency, based out of its main headquarters in New York with mobile offices around the globe, CGA has been in the production / artist management / agency / promotion business since the year 2000.

Bass Music (Drum and Bass / Dubstep / Electro) being their main focus makes them one of the few rising forces in the stateside breakbeat culture scene. CGA is the holder of many established talents as well as up and coming. They provide an assortment of acts such as DJs, MCs, and Live PA acts around the world that perform a number of different music genres, we also provide a number of services making CGA a one-stop-shop for all of your needs.

So any music event you plan, we have you covered at all angles.



CGAgency is built around the idea that true talent should rise above all. This is closely watched and followed by the caliber of artists that are brought onto CGA, in addition to CGA’s internal talent on the business side, including our affiliates.

CGA takes great pride in serving the music business community with a refreshing sense of simple and quality practices to ensure all parties enjoy their experience working with us, our artists, and affiliates.

Creating an experience is what we strive for and we hope our passion bleeds through our actions.

We will not slow down.

We will forever…”Be Simple”


Owner’s Statement

CGAgency as a company is an agency within the bass music realm, however deep down CGA is a company that serves musicians to enable them to follow their passions and make this their livelihood.

“It gives me great joy knowing my artists can do music for a living. I am obsessed with my artists and they deserve to be heard and I am honored to be given the opportunity. An extra plus is the ability to bring on team members – I can not wait for the opportunity to support the livelihoods of like minded business professionals who choose CGA as their family.”

In the music business it is typical for the mind to go towards negativity. It is a tough business that leaves customer service at the door, this is where we pride ourselves. We are nothing without the promoters and companies we work with, the djs and performers we serve, and the fans that support both of these. We do not forget this! We are in this business to bring amazing music to the masses and to make the process as simple as possible. We have two sayings – “Be Simple” and “Providing Value Through Bass” and we run our company through these two principles.

Scott M McCusker – Owner

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Our Team


Scott McCusker

(Owner / Head Talent Agent - Worldwide)

Stu Dunn

(Sr. Talent Agent - WorldWide)

Russ Divincenzo

(Talent Agent - Stateside DnB/Bass Music)

Denis Čalaković

(Talent Agent - Europe)

Shemar Lyles

(Agency Assistant / Social Media Ninja - Worldwide)

Chelsea Carrington

(Talent Agent - North America (Stateside DnB/Bass Music))

Lexa Kathe

(Talent Agent - Europe)

Erie Morino

(Talent Agent - Asia)

Emily Widuch

(Agency Assistant / Online Ninja - WorldWide)

Robyn Fuller

(Talent Agent - North America (Eastern Region))

Jose Echevarrieta

(Talent Agent - Latin / South America / Europe)


We are here to serve the scene, our culture, and our clients.

Talent Agency

The agency is our core business. We serve musicians to enable them to follow their passions and make this their livelihood positioning them onto the world’s largest events.

Tour Management

With hundreds of tours completed we got the know-how and the tools to get you to your gig and make sure every aspect of the night is sorted where you can do your artistry and we can handle the business.

Talent Management

Our artists are killing it, and through the years we have built up a hell of a network. Using our network we have brought artists from their bedrooms, and positioned them to release on top labels and perform in front of thousands of people.

Printing / Design / Mixing / Mastering

Promoters / Venues: Print advertising is not dead, and on line presence, if you aren’t doing it right, your dead. Flyers, business cards, banners, whatever you need printed up or designed we got you. Artists: If your tunes sound like your producing out of a garbage can, we can help.

Ready for us to get to work for you?